Mashabela Attorneys Inc is a wholly black youth owned law firm established with a view not only to facilitating access to justice for the majority of people living in South Africa, but also to empower the youth and our people to contribute and benefit from the economic fruits of our hard-earned freedom/democracy.

The company was established in January 2011.

It has an office in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, and the short term goal being to provide legal services to clients in the Limpopo Province, while the long term goal is to expand its services to all the provinces in South Africa.

Whilst the firm still plays a significant role in access to justice in the narrow sense of criminal justice, it has turned its focus to the empowering of our population economically by moving into corporate and commercial practice to serve both private sector and government structures. This helps to empower our previously disadvantaged community to participate meaningfully in poverty eradication.


Mashabela Attorneys Inc’s offices are located at 24 Grobler Street, Opposite Palm Centre, Polokwane.

This is a strategic location for providing services to our clients as the offices are adjacent (five minutes walking distance) to the Magistrate’s and High

Courts and the SAPS and approximately 5 minutes’ drive to the CCMA and a stone’s throw distance to the Master of the High Court.


Realising the diversity of legal work and the individual needs of each client, our firm does not subscribe to a generic approach in servicing clients, both in terms of work and fees.

Suitable arrangements are made from time to time, in consultation with clients, regarding the service to be rendered, line of communication, mandate turnaround time , time and manner of consultations, and fee structure in such a way that the arrangement is convenient to both sides.

Having discussed the mandate and the needs of the clients, constant contact is maintained to keep them informed both in terms of financial liability, the progress of mandate, encountered and expected challenges as well as expected time to complete the mandate, to avoid or curb possible negative impact.

Strict professionalism in the carrying out of the mandate given is maintained, confidentiality being the cornerstone of trust between our firm and the client.

We appreciate the fact that in the course of consultation, clients may have to divulge some sensitive, confidential and the information that may be of strategic nature and adhere to the ethics of confidentiality.

To this end and in some cases, client may require that confidentiality be part of the written mandate and we respect that .

This is the spirit to encourage our clients to be as open as possible and enable us to professionally and speedily serve their interests and facilitate their access to justice.