Using some guiding principles and factors as starting point, the fees structure is entirely negotiable between our client and the firm.

Guiding principles include the fact that, subject to the rules of the Competition Board regarding anti-competition and price fixing, attorneys’ fees structure is guided by the scale of fees prepared and recommended by the attorneys regulating bodies and the High Courts and Lower Courts scales.

Guiding factors include the complexity of the matter, the time spend on the matter as well the legal status of the person assigned to deal with the matter, be it the candidate attorney, the professional assistant or the full director, also taking into account the period of his involvement in the profession. Depending on the status of the person dealing with the matter, our fees can range between R1 200, 00 to R1 800.00 per hour.

Actual time spent on the matter will be accounted for and charged.

All disbursements such as travelling costs, accommodation costs, costs of Communication [telephone, faxes, postage and email costs], stationery and photocopies are charged separately.  Prior approval is obtained before incurring extraordinary expenses.

Detailed and itemised accounts are prepared and submitted on the agreed regular basis, be it monthly or such interim period as may be agreed upon.

All fees are subject to Value Added Tax

The overall factor is that client is kept informed of the fees obligation status.